It is now a year since we transferred our medico-legal and claims support function to Triton and we are delighted that both SEMPRIS and Triton have received nothing but praise from members for the prompt and empathetic service they provide. We are aware that many of you have had cause to seek counsel from Dr ‘Mike’ Kyriagis and / or Joanne Staphnill whose calm, knowledgeable and reassuring approach has provided a welcome port!

And a reminder on claims

Following hard on the heels of the calm, knowledgeable and reassuring approach provided by Triton, we would like to remind all members that SEMPRIS incorporates a ‘claims made’ policy of insurance, and as such, cover is triggered on the date that the insured member first became aware of the possibility of a claim and notified it to the insurer.

To ensure full and comprehensive support and cover at all times, it is essential that any potential claim, event or incident, no matter how seemingly innocuous at the time, is discussed and notified to Dr Mike or Joanne at the time of the event. Potential events have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on individual subscription rates and if you are in any doubt about the significance or otherwise of an event / incident it is better to be sure by discussing it with Triton.

For more information on how to contact Triton, please click here.

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