SEMPRIS is pleased to announce a multi-disciplinary seminar, hosted by the Manchester Institute of Health & Performance, on the liability, practice risks and indemnity issues facing all doctors who treat and report on professional sportspeople in hospital & club settings.

Hosted by Neil Redman, Director SEMPRIS, and supported by a panel of legal and medical experts, the evening seminar will explore a wide range of issues and concerns, including key legal cases, scenarios and stories hitting the news cycle.

As professional sportspeople continue to pursue claims against doctors and consultants, it is important for all doctors who treat professional sportspeople in any setting to understand the unique risks they face and how far their indemnity will protect them.

The seminar will be of specific interest to Consultants from Sports & Exercise Medicine, Orthopaedics, Cardiology, Radiology, Rheumatology and Team Doctors across all sports / settings.

A copy of the invitation, together with biographies of the panel members can be found here.

To reserve a place, please click here or contact us on 020 8652 9018 or email

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