With the rising number of reported and successful claims by professional sportspeople involving both clubs and doctors, doctors are becoming more aware of and concerned by the shortcomings in the indemnity cover provided by the Medical Defence Organisations (MDU, MPS, MDDUS) and new insurers to meet the full scope of their practice. Click here to learn more.

The change in the statutory requirement for doctors to have what the GMC now refer to as “appropriate” indemnity cover or insurance in the UK (August 2015) has also highlighted the need for doctors to carefully review the suitability of their indemnity arrangements. Significantly, doctors will be in breach of the new regulations if they do not have “appropriate” cover for claims brought in both negligence and contract. Click here to learn more.

Such is the importance of this development and its impact on doctors who treat professional sportspeople (Radwan Hamed vs. Spurs) that we asked Capsticks, one of the UK’s leading law firms specialising in healthcare, to outline the details of the new law. Click here to read more.

With the Medical Defence Organisations having withdrawn or significantly amended their discretionary indemnity cover for doctors and specialists treating professional sportspeople, many doctors have switched their indemnity to SEMPRIS. SEMPRIS was introduced in 2010 specifically to address these shortcomings and remains the only UK Indemnity Scheme to provide doctors with comprehensive, claims made, indemnity for:

  1. Damages, claimants’ costs and / or defence costs relating to a claim brought by a sports person’s employer, club, sponsor or event organiser in relation to alleged negligent treatment of a player.
  2. Pre-signing medical assessments including cardiology and radiology reporting undertaken directly for clubs.
  3. Cover for all non-sports related private practice, including professional issues not covered by Crown Indemnity.
  4. £10m standard cover for each and every claim subject to a £20m annual aggregate, with the option to increase the limit to £20m each and every claim.
  5. Worldwide cover (including USA and Canada by special request).
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