Understanding your risks

The number of reported claims by professional sportspeople involving both clubs and doctors is rising.  The ever increasing sums of money in professional sport, the rise of immediate media, a generally more litigious culture and a range of other factors are all adding pressure.

This trend makes it essential for all doctors involved in the treatment of professional sportspeople to fully understand the risks they are exposed to and to and to ensure they have suitable indemnity that responds to claims in respect of negligence and contract.

Click here to understand the MDO’s limitations in indemnity to cover third party and contract claims.

Contract Scenarios

The indemnity terms outlined by the MDU and MPS indicate that their indemnity will not cover or respond to claims from third parties who have suffered a loss as a consequence of alleged medical negligence to a professional sportsperson or who themselves face a claim and elect to join a doctor in proceedings. Read More

Waiver Letters

A waiver letter is unlikely to provide a doctor with the necessary guarantee of protection or immunity.  This widely held legal opinion is shared by the lawyers of both the MDU and Premier League.

If you are concerned about the use of waiver letters click here for more information or contact us for a confidential discussion.

Did you know?

  • MDOs have limited or withdrawn indemnity cover for doctors treating professional sports people
  • SEMPRIS covers a wide range of risks that the MDOs don’t. See more HERE.
  • The MDU reported a ‘record year’ for claims against doctors in 2013
  • In 2014, the MDU saw yet another increase with more than 14,000 new case files opened