Benefits of Membership

SEMPRIS membership benefits can be tailored to meet the indemnity needs of groups and LLPs with two or more doctors for whom professional sportspeople form part of their medical practice.

The provision of high quality healthcare has become extremely complex with a clear trend towards greater litigation. Misdiagnosis, neglect, medical negligence and failure in duty of care can all lead to major claims for compensation. With the ever increasing financial status of professional sportspeople, medical professionals specialising in this field now also have to consider third party claims from clubs, agents, sponsors, insurers and other parties as well as litigation from the patient themselves.

This shifting landscape has increased the need to secure effective indemnity, for both general needs and to protect against the specific risks associated with treating professional sportspeople.

Without a robust indemnity scheme in place, a major claim can put the future careers of medical individuals and success of organisation as a whole at risk.

To discuss how SEMPRIS can provide you with comprehensive indemnity cover for your practice, please Contact Us.

Did you know?

  • SEMPRIS is the only UK Medical Indemnity Scheme to provide a cover limit of £20m for any one claim
  • Over 40% of the SEM Register are members