Professional Indemnity Insurance for Cardiologists

Whether you treat athletes occasionally or on a regular basis understanding the risks involved in working with sportspeople and protecting yourself again them is important.

The number of reported claims by professional sportspeople involving both clubs and doctors is rising. The increasing sums of money in professional sport, the rise of immediate media, a generally more litigious culture and a range of other factors are all adding pressure.

This trend makes it essential for all cardiologist consultants involved in the treatment of professional sportspeople to fully understand the risks and ensure they have “appropriate indemnity” that responds to claims in respect of negligence and contract.


If you are unsure of the need for the cover you need the case of Radwan Hamed vs Spurs and Mills in which Spurs, their club doctor and a consultant cardiologist were found to have failed in their duty of care is an example of a case that all cardiologists treating sportspeople should be aware.

If you have any questions regarding professional indemnity you may find the answer to your questions on our FAQs page.