What is covered (subject to policy terms and conditions)?

Access to professional legal advice and representation, appointed by SCOR as per the policy wording, including all reasonable and necessary costs and expenses, agreed by SCOR, provided there are reasonable prospects for success.

Key/Unusual Exclusions, specific to this Section:

• Contracts Disputes Cover does not cover disputes over employment contracts, construction contracts, guarantees, franchises, hire purchase or credit agreements, tenancy or leasing agreements to use land or buildings.

• Tax Protection Cover does not cover claims where there is no reasonable prospect of reducing the liabilities, where the tax return is late or provisional figures are used, where there is an allegation of fraud, a dispute over minimum wages or living wages or an allegation of tax avoidance.

• Fines, sanctions, penalties.

• Disputes with your representative, any party involved in the arrangement of this policy or insurers.

• Disputes or legal proceedings with any parent, subsidiary or associated company or partner.

• Disputes or legal proceedings concerning breach of confidentiality, defamation, intellectual property rights or a judicial review

• Any VAT element if you are registered for VAT

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