SEMPRIS is the name of an insured indemnity product that has been developed and is administered by Health Partners Europe Ltd. Health Partners is a strong and well recognised company with a long-standing reputation in healthcare consultancy, and the delivery of medical administration services to professional sport in the UK. The scheme consists of two elements:
(1) an insured indemnity policy underwritten by leading insurance syndicates at Lloyds of London and backed by the Lloyd’s Central Fund and

(2)  contracted legal advisory and assistance services provided by DWF, specialists in medico-legal and risk management services.

In addition to the strength of the SEMPRIS partners, the scheme’s security and longevity will be  determined by the support and commitment of its members, and the financial security and strength of the underlying indemnity insurance. Lloyd’s currently has the following ‘excellent’ to ‘very strong’ ratings for CNA Hardy Syndicate, the principal underwriter of the scheme:

A.M. Best
A (Excellent). Stable Outlook

Standard & Poor’s
A+ (Strong). Stable Outlook

Fitch Ratings
AA- (Very Strong). Stable Outlook

On the basis of the agency ratings, and the commitment, determination and long standing reputation of the parties involved in developing SEMPRIS, we believe the scheme has a strong and secure future.

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