Doctors and consultants from across sports medicine have contributed to a new video from SEMPRIS (, the only provider of indemnity protection to doctors treating professional sports people.

The video, entitled Doctors, Contracts and Sport – Understanding, Managing and Indemnifying the Risks, The Doctors’ View provides views from medical professionals on the risks of litigation and the importance of appropriate indemnity cover. The video can be viewed here.

The video sets out to explain the importance of appropriate indemnity cover for medical professionals, particularly in elite sports. This became more relevant when the MDOs chose to limit, or withdraw cover for any damages, claimants’ costs and defence costs relating to a claim against doctors from employers, clubs, agents and sponsors.

As well as providing scenarios, and mentioning specific legal cases, the video includes the views of doctors outlining the unique risks faced by medical professionals in sport.

The risk of litigation is now more real than ever with recent cases including Hamad vs Spurs and Mills and the newly announced court action by rugby player Cillian Willis against Sale Sharks.

With the GMC stating that doctors must have appropriate indemnity cover and, more recently, the FSEM amending their Professional Code to incorporate a clause on indemnity protection, the need for action has never been more important.

Neil Redman, Director, SEMPRIS said: “SEMPRIS is the only provider of indemnity for doctors involved in, or exposed to the treatment of professional sportspeople. We are continuously informing doctors in the industry about their risks and this video is our latest step in that process.

“Most importantly we were delighted to have so many high-profile doctors from sports medicine provide their view and experiences, which we hope will offer clear insight and opinion to help other doctors in this field make the right choice when it comes to their indemnity cover.”

To view the video and for further information visit or contact SEMPRIS on 020 8652 9018.

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