Professional Indemnity Insurance for Orthopaedics

30% of SEMPRIS memberships consist of orthopaedic consultants

No amount of governance or risk mitigation can, or will, prevent mistakes or negligence from occurring – if it did the likes of the MDU and MPS together with the world’s insurance industry would have turned out the lights and gone home years ago. The reality of course, is that mistakes will happen and negligence will occur.

The most important risk mitigation exercise therefore that any Consultant can undertake is to be ‘certain’ that his or her indemnity is fit for purpose; that it will respond – not might respond – to the full and declared scope of the doctors practice, including 3rd party liability. Cost is always an important consideration in the selection of an indemnity provider but it should never compromise the more important need for appropriate cover.

Many Orthopaedic consultants unknowingly provide services to clubs and sporting organisations (pre-transfer medical screenings and match attendance) which in law are deemed to be contractual (an agreement intended to be legally binding with consideration on both sides).

What our clients say:

 “As a member of SEMPRIS since 2011, I fully support the initiative to highlight the specialist indemnity requirements that those of us who treat professional athletes on a regular, or event irregular basis require. I would encourage any colleague whose practice includes professional athletes to discuss their circumstances with SEMPRIS.

“I moved to SEMPRIS because of this very issue and I have nothing but praise for the detailed understanding, service levels and fully comprehensive cover which the SEMPRIS team provide.”

Mr Peter Brownson DM FRCS ED FRCS (Tr&Orth) Consultant Orthopaedic

“The SEMPRIS policy addresses the inadequacies of my previous indemnity cover for the treatment of professional sports people. Not only is SEMPRIS part of a hugely professional organisation, but their premium is substantially lower than my previous insurers.”

Mr Andrew M Williams MB BS, FRCS, FRCS (Orth), FFSEM (UK)
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

“The implications of the decision by the MDU, MPS and MDDUS to alter, apply terms or withdraw cover for doctors treating sports persons reach wider and deeper than is currently recognised or understood by the majority of those most affected.”

James Calder, MD FRCS (Tr & Orth) FFSEM (UK)

Last year the Royal College of Surgeons produced a Guide to Good Practice, Consent: Supported Decision-Making which provides a comprehensive look at consent and a guide to the process that should be followed when dealing with patients. This guide is especially useful when dealing with sportspeople.

If you have any questions regarding professional indemnity you may find the answer to your questions on our FAQs page