We are pleased to announce with the launch of our first newsletter that the Extended Reporting Period (Run-Off) under SEMPRIS has been extended from five years to ten years in the event of death, disability and / or permanent retirement.

This substantial improvement in terms provides absolute peace of mind to existing members and overcomes what we recognise, through feedback, as the principle barrier to entry for the many potential members who have expressed interest in SEMPRIS.

The move from two year to five year and now ten year run-off cover reinforces the support and long term commitment of insurers to SEMPRIS. We continue to witness substantial growth in membership and refuse to compromise underwriting standards in order to protect the long term interests of our members and their subscriptions. Underlying premiums have not risen in four years since inception and will remain unchanged again as we enter our fifth year, reflecting reliable underwriting and excellent claims experience.

SEMPRIS is not a ‘specialty specific’ scheme in the purest sense but the risk profile and claims experience of the specialties represented by its members is intended to support sustainable, competitive subscriptions. If you would like to find out more about the policy and it’s benefits or to discuss your current circumstances, contact us now!

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