There is light at the end of the tunnel!

As the days of juggling home schooling, virtual consultations and isolation come close (we hope) to an end, there has been plenty of interesting content to inform and distract us in the meantime.

For those navigating the dating minefield, this witty response from a supportive friend was just what the doctor ordered…

And while BMI can be a controversial measure of obesity, this Tweet highlights the crisis threatening The Borrowers…

Research, Articles and Podcasts


Achilles Tendinopathy – A living systematic review of treatment over 29 randomised controlled trials

Lateral Elbow Tendinopathy –  Should exercise interventions be the management mainstay?

ACL Reconstruction – Exercise-therapy and education for individuals one year post surgery: a pilot randomised controlled trial

Knee Abnormalities – Prevalence of abnormalities in asymptomatic adults on MRI

Frozen Shoulder – Comparison of Treatments: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Clavicle Injuries – Which are the two most common sports related clavicle injuries?

Hip OA Pain – Intra-articular Saline as an effective alternative to corticosteroids, PRP and hyaluronic acid: a systematic review and network meta-analysis of RCTs


High-risk Cardiovascular Conditions – ECG criteria for detection in master athletes

RTP With Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy – Are we moving too fast? A critical review


New AFL Rules – Mandatory 12 days recovery for concussed players

Concussion Substitutes Trial – Premier League introduces new rule to allow up to two permanent substitutions in the event of head injury

Rugby – Taking the confusion out of concussion podcast

Concussion Practices – A pilot study of medical team staff in UK elite football


Long-Covid – An evidential review

Pitchside PPE – Inter-association consensus recommendations

Resuming Professional football – A prospective cohort study in a country with high infection rates


ACL Injuries Investigating the impact on the lives of young female adults


Decreasing Injury Rates In Football – An 18-year prospective cohort study of injuries in the men’s professional game

Injury Prevention In Rugby – The importance of a ‘compliance wedge’ to support successful implementation for injury prevention

Cesc Fàbregas – The ex-Arsenal international guests on the Talent Takes Practice podcast

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – A guide for Sports Medicine Professionals

Mitochondrial Lactate Metabolism – A history and implications for exercise and disease

Decision Making  – Who should have the last say in the maintenance and tuning of the elite athlete

Olympic Longevity – Analysis of whether Olympians live longer than their general population counterparts

Psychology And Nutrition – Their roles in return to play from musculoskeletal injuries in professional soccer: an interdisciplinary approach

Hydration And Cooling – The relationship with performance, body mass loss and body temperatures in elite athletes during the Doha 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships

Acute Winter Sports Injuries – The recent ISEH Sports Injuries and Sports Orthopaedics Webinar


Some websites, podcasts and resources you might find useful:

Hamstrings Resource

Science & Medicine in Football – Latest open access articles

The Athletic Evolution Podcast – By Rob Anderson

Dates for Your Diary

Free ISEH Webinar: Optimising return to play following ACL Injury – Thursday 18 March 18.30 GMT

Learn to assess and manage concussion, ACSEP – Interactive seminar, March -June 2021

The ACL ongoing dilemmas 18th April XXIX Isokinetic Medical Group Conference: Football Medicine THE PLAYERS’ VOICES – 17th, 18th, 19th of April 2021, Lyon, France

FMPA Conference 2021 – Fri 11th June

Do let us know your feedback, and any suggestions you have for websites, apps or networks for inclusion in future bulletins.

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