Anyone who found themselves in possession of Wimbledon tickets this weekend must have been delighted to witness an electrifying match between Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz, with the GOAT losing to the kid 😁 in a final that looked like history in the making.

But June also saw its fair share of notable moments! While Frankie Dettori wasn’t able to secure a final Derby win to end his career, trainer Aidan O’Brien achieved a record-extending ninth Derby triumph. After a year of disruption in the men’s professional game, The PGA Tour, DP World Tour and LIV Golf surprised the sporting world with the announcement that they will merge to form “a new collectively owned” entity.

Meanwhile, we were able to catch up with Dr Mark Gillett just before he embarked on the gruelling Tour 21 challenge. You can read the interview with Mark here. []

If you’d like learn more, do visit his Just Giving page Here is a summary of some of the research and articles you may have missed last month.

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Research, Articles and Podcasts


Myocarditis – Return to play: time to abandon the one-size-fits-all approach?

Cardiomyopathy – Lifestyle physical activity and rapid-rate non-sustained ventricular tachycardia in arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy


Shoulder Imaging – Ultrasound assessment of the inferior glenohumeral capsule in normal shoulders—a study of measurement variables and reliability

Knee MRI – A deep learning-based reconstruction approach for accelerated magnetic resonance image of the knee with compressed sense: evaluation in healthy volunteers

Concussion MRI – AI processing tool for mri shows changes in brain structure from concussions

Ankle MRI – Individual fascicles of the ankle lateral ligaments and the lateral fibulotalocalcaneal ligament complex can be identified on 3D volumetric MRI


Ankle Reconstruction – Rehabilitation of a lateral ankle reconstruction in a male professional football player – a narrative case report

Achilles Tendon Ruptures – Thromboembolic events during weightbearing vs non-weightbearing accelerated rehabilitation protocols

ACL Repair – augmenting with suture tape improves knee laxity: a biomechanical study

Hamstring Strength and ACL Injury – Effect of quadriceps and hamstring strength relative to body weight on risk of a second ACL injury

ACL and Non-Surgical Management – Healing of acute anterior cruciate ligament rupture on MRI and outcomes following the Cross Bracing Protocol

ACL Reconstruction – Return to play and performance after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in the national women’s soccer league

ACL Healing – A torn ACL can heal itself, new study shows. Surgeons disagree.

Knee Osteoarthritis: Isolated osteotomy versus combined osteotomy and cartilage repair for osteoarthritis or focal chondral defects of the medial compartment of the knee joint: a systematic review

Type B2 Shoulder Instability – Arthroscopic posterior capsulolabral repair with suture-first versus anchor-first technique: clinical midterm follow-up

Acute Acromioclavicular Joint Dislocation – Long-term clinical outcomes after tightrope versus hook plate fixation

Prehab and RTP – Does prehabilitation before surgery affect return to sport in baseball pitchers with partial ulnar collateral ligament tears?

Muscle Injuries Preventing Competition – Understanding which types of muscle tears were more likely to prevent athletes from competing


Concussion and ACL Injury – Effect of a concussion on anterior cruciate ligament injury risk

Sub-elite Rugby League – The associations between unilateral leg strength, asymmetry and injury in players

Sports-Related Concussion – Are we as clinicians playing our part to address the increased injury risk?

Neurodiversity in Elite Sport: a systematic scoping review

(RED-S) – Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport Monitoring for Road Cyclists preparing for the Tour de France


Some websites, podcasts and resources you might find useful:

Highlights from the 6th International Consensus on Concussion in Sport — Kathryn Schneider and Jon Patricios. EP#532 – BJSM Podcast

Less Pain. Better performance using contemporary science to improve both in all athletes EP#517 – BJSM Podcast

How to SAVE a LIFE – Recognize Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes

The journey from SCAT5 to SCAT6 and beyond – what is new in sports related concussion assessment? #EP 533

Prediction of short-term atrial fibrillation risk using primary care electronic health records – Heart Podcast


Radiopaedia 2023 Virtual Conference, July 24th – 28th

European Society of Cardiology Congress, 25th -28th August, Amsterdam & online

The BIR IR(ME)R update 2023, 28th September, London

BASEM 2023 Annual Conference, 5th – 6th October, Emirates Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Manchester

A Radiographer’s Journey BIR virtual event Thursday 16 November 2023

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