Welcome to our latest round-up of sports industry news – there may have been much focus on Covid-19, but here are some of the other discussions and articles that caught our attention in February as well:


Early lessons from novel coronavirus – As the outbreak now threatens sporting fixtures globally, here is a frontline perspective. The Lancet

Transgender Players – World Rugby pledges to assess whether policies are appropriate for all participants. Bill Beaumont in The Guardian

Research and Articles

Covid-19 – How radiology is assisting with early diagnosis Applied Radiology – CT Imaging of covid19

30-nation Survey – The glucocorticoid prescribing habits of sports medicine physicians working in high-performance sport. Survey – British Journal of Sports Medicine

Acute Soy Supplementation – The impact on time trial performance, power, and speed Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

Kinesiology Tape and Ankle Stability – An assessment of the effectiveness of kinesiology tape BMJ Open Sport and Exercise Medicine

Radiological Interpretation – what impact does the time of day have on accuracy? Clinical Radiology


Calcaneal Cyst – Images and outcome from a pre-signing medical assessment FIFA Medical Platform

Social Media – Advice from a scientist on how to make it work for you, not against you. ACS Central Science

Resource round-up

Some websites, podcasts and apps you might find useful:

Sports Medicine Weekly Podcast– Managing injured athletes during critical times in the season. With Dr. Nikhil Verma, head team physician for the Chicago White Sox

BJSM Podcast – Shared decision-making in athletes with cardiovascular conditions – has the pendulum swung too far? With Professor Sanjay Sharma

The month ahead

12-13 March

International Conference on Sport Medicine and Advanced Exercise Endocrinology


18 March

CPD Talk – Sports medicine case discussions


18-19 March

9th Edition of International Conference on Internal Medicine & Patient Care – Sports Medicine


18-19 March

Orthopedics – Pain management conference 2020


19 March

20-20 Hip & Groin Vision Day: Adding Focus in an Unclear World


31 March

3rd Annual Football Innovation Summit 2020


24-29 April

AMSSM 29th Annual Meeting, Atlanta


Do let us know your feedback, and any suggestions you have for websites, apps or networks for inclusion in future bulletins.

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