As SEMPRIS approaches its fifth anniversary, we are pleased to report that subscription rates have not increased since launch. The effect of this for members transferring to SEMPRIS in the current year (13/14) is an average 32% reduction on the subscriptions they were paying to the MDOs.

Although not a specialty specific indemnity scheme in the purest sense, SEMPRIS membership comprises a limited selection of specialties; Orthopaedics, Radiology, Cardiology, Rheumatology, Anaesthetics & SEM. This ensures that underwriting, claims and subscriptions are not adversely affected or cross-subsidised by high claiming specialties. Whilst individual subscriptions may vary in line with movements in net income and / or nature of work, underlying premiums have not risen since the launch of the scheme – by maintaining effective and disciplined underwriting standards we sincerely hope to maintain this record.

It is important to stress that SEMPRIS provides cover for all private practice, not just sports injury treatment.

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