Joining SEMPRIS from a Medical Defence Organisation (MDU, MPS or MDDUS)

The MDU, MPS and MDDUS offer ‘occurrence-based’ discretionary indemnity. Provided you were a member in benefit at the time of an adverse incident, you can apply for assistance at any time – even if you have moved to SEMPRIS by the time you are first aware there is a problem.

You can transfer to SEMPRIS from the MPS at any time, but if you are a member with the MDU or MDDUS it is likely that you will only be able to transfer at your renewal. The MDU allows a 28 day grace period after your renewal date to cancel. If you are a member with the MDDUS you must have notified them prior to your renewal date as you will be unable to cancel after.*

Joining SEMPRIS from another Insurer

If your existing indemnity is not with the MDU, MPS or MDDUS it is likely to be a ‘claims made’ insurance policy. Under these circumstances, SEMPRIS will provide you with a retroactive date, which will be the date you first started continuous ‘claims made’ cover with any insurer. Provided that there are no gaps between policies, your new SEMPRIS policy will cover you for claims arising from incidents of which you were unaware when you left your previous insurer.

*Information is based on reasonable levels of research, but you should not rely on these details.