The strangest of years is drawing to a close, and has not only seemed to drag, as we waited for decisions to be made on lockdowns and fixtures, but also raced along! We now find ourselves, with hope, on the brink of a much better 2021!

As we’ve found many normal routines turned upside down, it’s been all too easy to get a bit muddled But the extraordinary events we’ve witnessed have not been completely devoid of sporting humour, as parallels are drawn between cricket the US Election

We’ve recently had the privilege of interviewing not one, but two of our inspirational members, who have both written highly-enjoyable books this year. In ‘Not Like Everybody Else, we talk to consultant orthopaedic surgeon Steve Bollen, who shares some insights into his career juggling sports medicine and work in the NHS. Professor Bill Ribbans reflects on how sports medicine has changed in ‘Knife in the Fast Lane’.

Research, Articles and Podcasts


Rehabilitation of Arm Injuries – New research suggests training one arm can improve strength and decrease muscle loss in the other arm

Foot and Ankle Surgery – Assessing differences in expectations of foot and ankle surgery between patients and their surgeons

Lateral Elbow Tendinopathy – A systematic review and meta-analysis of exercise interventions

Medial Gastrocnemius Tears – It is reported that calf muscle injuries contribute about 13% of muscle injuries in football: is it about muscle, aponeurosis or tendon?

Lateral Hip Pain – Gluteal tendinopathy and other causes of pain in this region

Back Pain – Five reasons that could explain declining rates of common arthroscopic surgeries

Shoulder Impingement – Subacromial decompression versus diagnostic arthroscopy: a follow-up

ACL Reconstruction – Residual deficits in reactive strength indicate incomplete restoration of athletic qualities following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in professional soccer players

Clinical Outcomes after ACL Surgery – Podcast

Medial Gastrocnemius Tears – Muscle, aponeurosis or tendon? >

Football and ACL Injury – Systematic video analysis of ACL injuries in professional male football and


Sport-Related Concussion – A systematic Review of Preinjury Mental Health Problems as a Vulnerability Factor for Worse Outcome

Neurodegenerative Disease and the Law – A legal action over brain injuries allegedly caused in football and other contact sports has begun

The Mental Health Action Plan – Scottish FA launches new action plan to end mental health stigma in Scottish football

Dementia in Football – Former Premier League players join study into the early signs of dementia

Sleep and the Athlete – A narrative review

Mental Health and Rehab – An interview with Former professional footballer Liam Hughes

Performance Mindset – Preventing cognitive biases from hindering success


COVID-19 RT-PCR Testing – Recommendations for elite sport

Myocarditis and Return-to-play – Reflections and Recommendations from a Canadian Working Group


Cardiac Assessment – Sudden cardiac death is the number one cause of medical mortality in elite athletes and thus the cardiac assessment of this group is of paramount importance

Anti-Doping – An updated list from the WADA

Golf Medicine – A resource for considering the medical issues and injuries linked to the sport.

Career-ending Long Seasons – An interview with Bill Ribbans


Coping with Heat – Recent research indicates that taking the oral contraceptive pill may help women in sport to better cope with extreme heat

Injuries in Female Athletes – Reframing the weaker sex narrative

The Female Athlete – A useful handbook for medical doctors, allied health professionals, team coaches, trainers and athletes

Resource Round-up

Some websites, podcasts and resources you might find useful:

The Back Pain Podcast

Ankle Surgery Update Podcast

COVID-19 Free online Courses from BMJ Learning

FMPA Podcasts

BMJ Podcasts

Novel Coronavirus Information Center – Elsevier’s free health and medical research on the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and COVID-19

Writing Tips – Academic writing mentor Professor Helen Sword shares her tips

Dates for Your Diary

Designing and undertaking implementation trials – Friday 11th December, online

ISEH: Sports Injuries and Sports Orthopaedics: Adolescent Sports Medicine – 13 Jan 2021, online

Do let us know your feedback, and any suggestions you have for websites, apps or networks for inclusion in future bulletins.

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