Welcome to our latest round-up of sports industry news – there was no shortage of interesting discussions and articles in January, so here are some that caught our attention:


Football Fixture Congestion – A traumatic Premier League festive period resulting in 53 different injuries has led to calls for the global fixture congestion to be urgently addressed. The Telegraph – Spike in Premier League Injuries

Coronavirus and Tokyo 2020 – What impact will 2019-nCoV have on the Olympic Games later this year? BBC Sport – Tokyo Olympics


Low Back Pain – Which specific modes of exercise training are most effective for treating the condition? British Journal of Sports Medicine

Hip Replacement – A population-level analysis quantifying the likelihood and costs of hip replacement surgery after sports injury Science Direct

More than a Knee Injury – ACL tears cause harmful changes in our brain structure, according to a new study Research from University of Michigan

Lower Extremity Muscle Injuries – A paper commissioned by the Danish Society of Sports Physical Therapy (DSSF) for grading the evidence of diagnosis, prevention and treatment BJSM Paper by DSSF


The Nike Vaporfly Controversy – They haven’t been banned, but do the high-end racing shoes offer an unfair advantage? And how do other materials impact performance? WSJ video – Nike Vaporfly and BBC Sport Article

Vegan Athletes – The debate continues, as vegan athlete Novak Djokovic attributes a great deal of his professional success on the tennis court to his plant-based diet, Live Kindly: Djokovic’s vegan diet and an article explores how a vegan diet could impact our intelligence BBC Future: vegan diet and intelligence

Resource round-up

Some websites, podcasts and apps you might find useful:

Physiopedia AppPrimarily designed for physios, this is a useful clinical resource for any sport therapist.

Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes – Professor Jon Drezner advocates that ECG interpretation is a fundamental skill for sports medicine physicians in this the latest update on research and developments in Sports Cardiology. BJSM Podcast

Running Injuries – Are passive therapies making patients worse, and does stretching help? Tom Goom discusses the pitfalls in this podcast. BJSM Podcast

The month ahead


Cambridge University National Cardiology Conference 2020


10 FEB

Shoulder MSK MRI Study Day of the 3rd Stanmore In-depth MSK MRI Study Series 2020


12 FEB

Short Focused MSK Ultrasound Course


13-14 FEB

International Conference on Research Methods for Sport and Exercise Sciences https://waset.org/research-methods-for-sport-and-exercise-sciences-conference-in-february-2020-in-london

Advanced Sports Science and Combat Sports Conference in February 2020 in London https://waset.org/advanced-sports-science-and-combat-sports-conference-in-february-2020-in-london

22 FEB

World Encephalitis Day #WorldEncephalitisDay

29 FEB

9th Annual Spinal Symposium


Do let us know your feedback, and any suggestions you have for websites, apps or networks for inclusion in future bulletins.

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