Do you know that your SEMPRIS policy provides more than just medical indemnity? 

Many of you have been with SEMPRIS indemnity for several years now, and it is likely that you joined because of the comprehensive cover we provide against the unique risks associated with treating professional sports people, and/or working within a professional sport setting, as an employee or a contractor.    

Whilst SEMPRIS covers* all aspects of independent private practice and professional issues not covered by the NHS, it is the dedicated cover for professional sport practice that differentiates us from any other available indemnity provider. Launched in 2010, SEMPRIS remains the only UK indemnity provider to offer dedicated cover against the risks and third-party liability claims associated with professional sports practice.

It is this cover that enables you to protect yourselves appropriately and to practise in a manner that is both practical and compatible with the unique liability risks and clinical demands of working within professional sports.

In summary, SEMPRIS provides* an individual, claims made, medical professional indemnity policy with: 

  • Full cover for treating professional sportspeople including Premiership footballers  
  • £10-20m Indemnity limit and excess options  
  • Cover for Third Party and Subrogated​ Claims 
  • Run-Off Cover of 21 years in the event of your death, permanent disability and/or permanent retirement 
  • Worldwide cover (excluding USA & Canada) subject to claims brought in the E.U. 
  • Cover for Surgical Assistants and Fellows working under your direct supervision (NEW in 2022)
  • Cover for conducting your business via remote consultations over a telemedicine network 

However, there are also many additional benefits to SEMPRIS cover with which you may not be so familiar:

 1. Commercial Legal Protection

The SEMPRIS policy also includes Commercial Legal Protection with SCOR to provide cover* to meet legal expenses and costs arising from:

  • GMC or coronial inquiry 
  • HMRC investigations 
  • Contract disputes 
  • Property and landlord disputes 
  • Identity theft  
  • Claims review service  
  • Crisis communication  
  • Court attendance costs 
  • Harassment cover  
  • Employment disputes 
  • Personal injury 

2. Cyber Liability Policy 

Health data is a special category of personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and refers to all data, clinical photographs or emails relating to the physical or mental health of a person.  The handling of patient data is a complex area of administration and, even with the appropriate protocols in place, the risk of data breach is a common threat.  In our world of ever-increasing technology, accidentally sending sensitive information to the wrong email address, leaving a phone or memory stick in a public place, and indeed malicious network extortion threats are no longer exceptional.  Your specially designed policy covers these Cyber risks* (including data protection breach risks), including:

  • Claims for compensation from data subjects (including patients), or costs for PR & crisis management, expenses and loss of business income following a “Cyber Event” (e.g. a hacker gaining access to the member’s computer system (laptop, mobile phone, memory stick, etc.) and stealing patient information); 
  • ICO investigation / fines following a data breach (e.g., relating to documents or technology stolen from a car or home / third party clinic, or left on a train); 
  • Defamation / plagiarism claims relating to information on a member’s website. 
  • Bodily injury (excluding mental anguish) caused by a Cyber Event (e.g. if your clinic is struck by a ransomware attack and you have to cancel or delay appointments, causing physical repercussions for those patients) (NEW in 2022) 

3. Medicolegal Advice (SEMPRIS Support) 

Our service standards are critically important to us, and we are proud of the very personal level of contact, rapport and communication that we and our medicolegal advisers have with our members. 

In April 2020, we brought our medico-legal service in-house under the banner of ‘SEMPRIS Support’.  In addition to providing legal advice on all issues arising from professional practice, the service is the primary point of contact for discussing or notifying us of a ‘circumstance’ or claim against you. SEMPRIS Support now provides a full and accessible risk management service, offering advice, education and updates to members on best practice and mitigating risk within private practice.   

The service is led by Dr Michael Kyriagis, Dr Anahita Kirkpatrick and Dr Ronnie Tan, who have over 30 years’ combined experience in all aspects of medical law, including clinical negligence claims, complaints procedures, GMC and NHS disciplinary procedures. This is further supported by specialist lawyers at DWF Law

The service is available on 0333 444 1081 from 9am – 6pm on all working days and on a 24-hour basis for emergency calls. 

4. Risk Management 

We provide expert, industry-related indemnity and risk management advice in the form of articles, newsletters and updates. For example, our close connection to the DCMS and numerous sporting governing bodies uniquely positions us to contribute to guidance and advise our members on updates and changes within the industry as they occur, such as the RTT and RTP (Return to Training and Return to Play) guidelines following COVID lockdown. 

5. Online system 

Our fully integrated online system for quotes and renewals offers an instant quote and bind service. This fast service provides immediate access to your documentation, which is then stored securely on the system for you to log back in and download at any time. 

As always, if you have any questions at all about your cover, or would like to discuss any aspect of the above with one of our team, please call us on 020 8652 9018 or email  We look forward to hearing from you.

*subject to policy terms and conditions

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